On the 8th and 9th of September, ICMPD in Armenia organized the third and last media trip in 2017, this time to the Tavush region.
A selected group of journalists from lragir.am, aysor.am, jam-news.am, the Public Radio of Armenia, newsbook.am, haymedia.am, newspress.am  visited the Vazashen, Choratan, Koghb, Voskepar and Baghanis border villages and met with village elders, village administration, and local population.

Vazashen is located at 18 km distance from Armenian-Azeri border and, according to one village elder, the inhabitants of the village are not engaged in land farming, a potential income-generating activity, due to the constant shooting from the Azerbaijan side.
Compared to the past years, the village  population has decreased by 30-40 percent, due to poor social and economic conditions, lack of workplaces and the ongoing conflict situation. By contrast, the population of another border village Choratan is increasing thanks to investments and the establishment of the «Tavush Textile» factory. The head of the factory said that the factory has around 300 employees from four border communities – Choratan, Artsvaberd, Movses and Berd town. The production is exported to the Russian Federation and Ukraine. 

The collected materials will be broadcasted and published in the local and national media.
This was the third and last trip in a series of media trips organized by ICMPD in Armenia for journalists in 2017.



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