Sebouh Demirjian was born in 1949 in Aleppo. Between 1980 to 2003 he lived in the USA and worked as a welder for NASA. In 2003, he moved to Armenia with his family. Sebouh is working at the Auto Art Clinic in Yerevan.
Hrach Melkonean was born in 1971 in Aleppo. He was engaged in military operations as a volunteer on the Government side and was heavily injured. Hrach and his wife are separated; therefore, he arrived in Armenia alone while his family moved to Europe to his wife’s relatives. Presently, he lives at the Asylum Reception Center and works at the Yerevan Zoo as a security guard. He has a refugee passport.
Abraham Hayrapetyan was born in 1959 in Aleppo. He owned a shop and worked as a car upholsterer. During the war, his shop was destroyed by a rocket. He came to Armenia through Lebanon and Turkey. He has refugee status and it currently looking for work.
Natalie Gahudhyan was born in 1987 in Aleppo. In 2013, Natalie and her family migrated to Armenia. She has been working at ‘Louis Sharden’ cafe for two years now while pursuing her studies at the Yerevan Medical University.
Carlo Berberyan was born in Lebanon in 1967. He was engaged in business activities in Lebanon and Moscow. In 2013, he moved to Yerevan where he opened his car service business ‘AutoArt Clinic.’ He is waiting for his family to join him.
Arthur Kostandyan was born in 1981 in Odzun village of Lori region. He currently studies at the Agricultural University. Six months out of the year he works in Moscow at a confectionary shop.
Aram Nalbandyan was born in 1954 in Odzun village of Lori region. In his native village he worked as a welder. From 1998 to 2013, he worked in Moscow region as a driver. He permanently returned to Armenia in 2013 and works in animal breeding in Odzun.
Bejanyan Akhalo pictured with son and grandsons. Akhalo was born in 1954 in Odzun village. He graduated from the Civil Engineering College and worked as a senior engineer in the village. Up until 2008 he worked in Yakutia with his son and grandsons.
Martin Tovmasyan was born in 1948 in Kirovakan (Vanadzor). He graduated from the Art School and worked as a senior master in the Art Plant. In 1993, he moved to Greece with his family. In 2005, he returned to Vanadzor, built a house and launched a production of decorative tiles.
Sahag Agilean was born in 1948 in Aleppo. He is a graphic designer and once owned a small printing house. In 2004, he visited Armenia for the first time and in 2011 he moved to Armenia as a permanent resident. Sahag is living in Vanadzor with his 96 year old mother. He lives on a disability pension.
Robert Apanian was born in 1968 in Beirut, Lebanon. He moved to Armenia in 2016 and works at the Auto Art Clinic in Yerevan. Robert has two sons and a daughter. His wife will also move to Armenia soon.
Arevshat Poghosyan was born in 1954 in Elpin village, Yeghegnadzor region. He completed Technical School with a specialization in mechanization. After living and working in Masis he bought a house in Noramarg village in 1988. In 1997, he left for Russia and worked at the Hermitage museum as a wood processing expert. He also worked in Moscow, in Zhukov village. Since 2010 Arevshat stopped going to Russia. He now owns a workshop in wood processing in Noramarg village.
Gagik Arustamyan was born in 1973 in Abovyan. After his parents’ divorce he moved to Khanlar with his mother and brother. Starting from 1988 he lived in Urtsadzor village of Ararat region in a trailer. In 1999, he moved to Krasnodar, Russia with his family; however, he returned to Armenia because his wife was deported. They have 6 children.
Karen Babayan was born in 1961. After graduating from the Yerevan Polytechnic he moved to Turkmenistan and later to Russia. In 2013, Karen returned to Armenia and is engaged in beekeeping in his native Mrganush village.
Sargis Sardaryan was born in 1959 in Tsovinar village. After graduating from Sevan Industrial College in 1978, he worked on the construction of the Arpa-Sevan tunnel. After the collapse of the USSR he started going to Russia for seasonal work and currently works in Moscow.
Khoren Minasyan was born in 1980 in Tsovinar village. After graduating from school he remained and worked in the village. From 2012 to 2014, he worked in Tyumen region, Russia where he was engaged in refurbishing apartments and laying tiles. He now works in the same industry in Armenia and has orders throughout the country. Khoren is married with 3 children.
Hagop-Kevork Kazardzhian was born in 1998 in Aleppo. In 2013, due to the war, he and his family moved to Armenia. His farther left for Moscow to earn a living. After graduating from school, Hagop-Kevork stayed in Gyumri where he plays in a rock group ‘Destroy.’
Ruben Ter-Gevorgyan was born in 1973 in Leninakan. After the earthquake he moved to Yerevan where he finished school. He is an electrical technician and mechanic and worked as a dispatcher at a transportation company. Since 2000, he started going to Russia for seasonal work. From 2010 to 2015 he worked in Surgut, Russia. He spent the last year in Gyumri and is set to leave to Russia again.
Ararat Nikoghosyan was born in 1970 in Tehran. He came to Armenia with his parents when he was 5. After school and army he worked in the construction. In 1996, he left for Russia for seasonal work for the first time.
Vagush Harutyunyan was born in 1961. He has been working in Russia since 2002. Currently he lives in Armenia.



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